[TBSN-R1] Headless IoT BLE (Beacon) Scanner product

Most Recently,

Many Industrial fields using Beacon ,RFID and NFC.

They makes own scanner product in-house solutions.

And that case, they have strong difficulties for customizing Scanner for their own purposes.

Leading technology provider trustfarm.io makes the Full Customizable Headless IoT BLE (Beacon) Scanner product.

Advantages of our products.

  1. Not Expensive for your projects. Total costs will be dramatically lowered!
  2. Full Customizable for your System Integration purpose.
    Our Scanner based on Raspberry PI 3. wide-spread IoT common platform.
    It makes you expand your Beacon based service to unlimited.
    You can think only how to create values for customer!
  3. Sensitive Bluetooth Scanner
  4. Winning stack is customized Auto connection wifi and ethernet
  5. Compact size to install. power adapter is 5V USB type.
    You can uses PoE splitter then, just one LAN cable is enough.
  6. Support Unlimited Customizabilities power by Webmin.
  7. Low power consumptions , we doesn’t enable GPU and GUI on devices.
  8. You can device control by Responsive Custom menu by MobilePhone.
  9. Plug and Play LCD Features, pre-installed LCD drivers
  10. Using Secure Connection , based on SSL Channels.

Anytime project contact , we have ready to support your business success!

Email :  cpplover@trustfarm.net

Mobile : +82-(0)10-2677-5554

Kakao, telegram, wechat , twitter : @trustfarm


front and back view


runtime plug and play of LCD , for debugging
Responsive and Easy Extentable Custom menu interface


Easy and Full customizable Network configuration examples in it. and Edit on Webinterface and Resetup networks.

custom commands interface, customized on webmin

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