[ANN] TEO MainNet Airdrop plan , ASIC-Resist Algorithm change


TEO Mainnet 에서는 다음과 같이 Public Airdrop 합니다.


October 02, 2018, 08:35:14 AM
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We are working on changing the ETHash Algorithm for Prevent ASIC Mining.

Newer version of Algorithm name is TETHashV1 (Trust ETHash Version 1).

We target to launch pre-bounty mainnet in 2weeks.

And We are planning the Basic Policy on change algrothm, every 6months for at least 1Year.

It means we give a bounty for TEO Testnet participates, get bounty.
After Airdrop on mainnet, It will publicity open.

TEO provide still a chance to mine with GPU.

And, Modify Airdrop calculations.

0      ~     10  :  0.5x   => 5 TEO Max.
10    ~    100 :   0.4x   => 5TEO + 36TEO = 41 TEO Max.
100  ~   1000 :  0.3x   => 5TEO + 36TEO + 270TEO = 311 TEO Max.
1000 ~  2000 :  0.2x   => 5TEO + 36TEO + 270TEO + 200TEO = 511 TEO Max.
2000 ~           : 0x  => No Airdrop.

In case of exchange who listing TEO , We will negotiate same calculation on their customer funds and bounty for funds for customer airdrop.

Stay Tuned.

Short URL: https://is.gd/mPZw2c

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